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The backbone is a pillar of good physical and emotional health and energy. It is the most important component of human musculoskeletal system, gives us the necessary flexibility and acts as a cushion, absorbing the daily stress. It functions as “information highway” on which pass countless nerve impulses. That is why we constantly monitor its condition, its frequent distortions and susceptibility to injuries.

Problems related to the spine and their prevention are closely tied to certain rules how to live a proper, balanced and healthy live. If we can apply these tips into practice, we would save much spine and waist discomfort. The modern way of life in contemporary society does not promote the spine health due to sedentary lifestyle and unnatural body postures. Most people spend 90% percent of their time sitting – while driving, working in office etc. In such type of activities is necessary a 5 – minute walk every two hours.

The veins of the spine have a specific structure – there is often blood stagnation due to prolonged standing in one place, in the same position. Someone who spends all day long in front of the computer and stretches the muscles of his back is threatened by thrombus formation. This wrong posture is a prerequisite for the modern diagnosis “computer neck”. In such cases, the seat of the chair should be flat and its designed shouldn’t pressure blood vessels below the knee. The height from the seat to the floor should be the same as the distance from hip to floor. Abnormal spine status, which is result of wrong standing either on a chair or a desk, might lead to a serious complication that often attack people of intellectual labor.

For those who practice sport actively excessive exercise is especially dangerous, and bodybuilding and fitness are extremely dangerous for those who have never practiced sports. All mentioned deviations are a heavy burden for the spine. Active fitness and bodybuilding should be exercised with licensed instructors and after competent medical consultation which excludes contraindications.

Correct posture is essential for the active and dynamic lifestyle. To achieve that we should train a straight posture, to make basic strengthening exercises every day, to go for long walks, preferably in areas with a softer surface, to wear comfortable shoes, to maintain normal body weight. Overweight violates the center of gravity of the human body and damages the back. What is recommended to do depending on the basic body postures?


There are also a lot of other practices which, if followed upon / under recommendations, would become an individual approach to taking care for the health of the spine and back:

Proper getting out of bed is an important element of daily physical activity and avoids hard pressure of the spine especially in case of spinal disease. You should avoid sudden jump, carefully sit in bed with the feet down on the floor at a right angle.


Lifting of heavy objects and improper stressing of the spine could often lead to hernia, vertebrae crack or exostoses. When you work hard you could accidentally twist your spine or take some unusual postures that generate spinal diseases. When we have to raise a heavy object is advisable to squat to prevent overloading of the spine, thus the leg muscles and the proper allocation of effort would compensate the overloading.

The correct and healthy way of life in accordance with the specifics and peculiarities of the human body and skeletal system is a compulsory element in the education of children. It is essential to reduce excessive computer use in a static wrong position; heavy school backpacks, deforming body position; disadvantages from the external environment (incorrect sitting in school, irregular exercise and carrying bag with one hand). It is recommendable to practice sport actively, which improves overall health, strengthens the heart and is the surest way to prevent different spinal deformities. Exercise is essential for muscle and joints development. Exercising, when practiced adequately, contributes to the proper development, formation and bone growth. The best sport for treatment and prevention is swimming. Rational and proper nutrition of the children, proper terms for a normal sleep in a normal posture, good organization of home and school conditions, physical exercises and games are obligatory. In the supine position most unfavorable posture is laying at one side with the legs bent to the abdomen. Bed should be flat, hard enough and the pillow – not high.

We can conclude that everyone has a specific gait, strictly defined characteristic of body postures in standing, sitting or supine position. This set of patterns is called motion stereotype and sometimes it does not coincide with the physiological norms of the body. In the overall organization of this stereotype it is absolutely necessary to follow the line of protection, treatment and constant care to maintain the health of the spine being a basic structure in the human body.

Spine School to our Spinal Center has developed comprehensive programs that are based on the latest achievements of modern medicine and physical therapy and were successfully applied for the prevention and treatment of major spinal diseases. Spine School is part of our integrated medical approach applied individually to each case.