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According to statistics of the European Union chronic pain of musculoskeletal system is at fourth place among the diseases to which most resources are being allocated, after obesity, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. 80% of people have at least once in their life a spine problem. This is mainly due to lifestyle and increasing life expectancy. Immobilization is one of the most important factors contributing to this. Not many people exercise regularly. When a body does not function actively, it degenerates. When we are immobilized, spine microtraumas appear. Sports’ practicing itself, when is not in line with individual circumstances of a person, can cause more harm than good. The proper posture on the desk and the time we spend seating on it, the way we seat and watch television, how we deal with the long driving, the way we play with our children, our movement per day, etc. – those simple rules can ensure the quality of life that we deserve and dream.

We shouldn’t forget the fact that information passes through the spinal cord to the brain and from the brain to the body, i.e – to our limbs. For example, if we want to raise something, the gray matter sends signals through the spinal cord and the nerve roots. They reach the muscles of the hand and it raises the subject. A lot of spinal diseases are caused by nerve constriction in the intervertebral foramina and are associated with pain and weakness not only in the spine, but also in the limbs.

That is why one of our goals in the Spine School is teaching people how to live so that their spines to stay healthy. We suggest behavioral patterns both to those who already have diseases and to healthy people in order to teach them how to take care and avoid problems. And something very important – not to think how to solve a problem only after it has appeared. For this purpose we organize a lot of initiatives, including visits to institutions, offices and schools. We are open and will respond to anyone who believes in the benefits of prevention and spine cares.

Patients who already have experienced unpleasant pain receive professional advice by therapists and physiotherapists. Under their supervision the patients are trained on proper position of the spine during rest, movement, sport, adequate exercises in various spine diseases and all modern methods in physical therapy.