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Narrow specialization

Diseases of the spinal column are among the most widespread diseases in the modern world with obvious tendency to be continuously increasing. Reasons are clear for all of us – sedentary lifestyle, obesity, improper setting of the body almost throughout the whole day. Therefore the opening of the first “Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment – Spine Center” JSC for treatment of the diseases of the spinal column and the spinal cord is not only timely but it’s a pressing issue also.

Why is it better if we have spinal problems to seek specialized hospital in this field?

1.  Both spinal surgery and spinal care are of too diverse and specific nature to be performed by polyvalent specialists, in between other activities, in breaks between brain operations, artificial disc replacement. etc. Spinal surgery should be a subject of doctors and medical specialists narrow profiled in this field. The necessity of narrow specialization in the medicine has proved itself in many areas and many countries.

2.  Pains and sensations of the patients often intertwine neurological, orthopedic and/or neurosurgical problems. That is why multidisciplinary approach, which consolidates the efforts of specialists from different areas within the walls of one medical institution, is required. Our patients are able to be examined and consulted step by step or in medical cons ilium by neurologists, physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists, radiologists, anaesthetists, neurosurgeons and orthopedists narrow specialized in the field of spinal diseases. . All of them are part of the treatment of a patient.

3.When the medicine in one hospital is concerned only in one narrow specialized direction, the opportunity of following and respectively introducing the latest achievements of the world knowledge and experience, is much greater. All the resources of our medical institution – financial, human, and organizational, are concentrated only in this specialization. This enabled our surgeons to acquire 12 different minimally invasive techniques of treatment, each with its specific best practice. So the patients have possible alternative methods of treatment and have classical surgery operation only in very rare cases.

4.  The treatment of a patient is not only limited to relieve his pain or to solve his problem letting him go home where he will continue to live according to his habits and more probability he will become a potential future patient of the hospital. Best treatment is not just solving the problem, but the main goal is its recurrence to be prevented (or limited). For this purpose, in “Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment – Spine Center” we created “Spine School“, where we teach our patients how to carry out their daily activities properly, how to adapt to working conditions, how to recover themselves from surgery and generally how to avoid the occurrence of spinal problems.