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Questions and Answers

What should I bring when getting admitted to the hospital for either medical examination or hospitalization?

On the day of hospital admission each patient must carry an ID card (for EU citizens) or a valid Passport (for non-EU citizens) as well as all available and relevant medical documentation.

How many days in advance should I apply for a medical examination appointment?

At least one week prior to the date you have pointed out as convenient for you. Our consultancy office is on a very busy schedule, so please consider the possibility of not being examined should you visit us without prior appointment.

I was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation between L4-L5 vertebrae. It appeared about ten years ago and is accompanied by the feeling of weight while moving, sometimes with severe pain in both calves. Will your treatment and medical procedures help?

Most probably – yes. To be able to provide precise and definite statement thou we need you to fix an appointment and make sure you carry with you all your tests made to date, especially any X-ray, scans or MRI. You will be then advised which of our medical procedures and treatment methods are most appropriate in your case and what these procedures actually are.

Can I use a private hospital room? During my stay can I have a companion?

You can use a private room and also you can have a companion. You should specifically request this when scheduling the hospitalization date. Private hospital room and companion stay are at extra cost and charges are as per hospital pricelist.