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“Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment – Spine Center” JSC is the first specialized hospital in Bulgaria and on the Balkan peninsula for treatment of diseases of the spinal column and the spinal cord.

The most significant hospital activity is the minimally invasive spinal surgery – created to achieve the same result as the traditional operations however executed by smaller incisions (not more than 1.5 cm.) or by injection foramens.

Our patients are able to be examined and consulted separately, step by step or in medical cons ilium by neurologists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists, narrow specialized in the field of spinal diseases. The most treated diseases by us are disc herniation, protrusion, stenosis, osteoporosis or consequences arising from them. In non – medical community many of the aforementioned diseases are well known with concepts such as: sciatica, raticulopathy and lumbalgia


“Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment – Spine Center” is a worldwide high level hospital following one of the most progressive trends in the health care:

Тhrough minimally invasive methods our patients are exposed to less risk, less pain and faster recovery.